Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Blog, come follow me!!

So I have started a new blog! Hope you will come follow and read it every now and then!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Lately when its slow at work, I try to read talks from I usually type in a certain subject that I want to read about, whether its just something I want to know more about or something I'm struggling with. I try to read a couple articles on that subject. 

Reading these always makes my day so much better. I love the gospel! I don't even want to think about where I would be with out it. Mostly because I know where I would be. I wouldn't be here, that is for sure. The gospel saved my life, in so many ways. But thats a story for a different day.

I was watching one of the videos on the site about courage, and two things two different women said kinda got combined into one thought the way the video was done,I dont know if it was on purpose or not. But one said "Brave is just acting in faith." and the other said  "When we know we don't want to face it, but we know we have no other option, we just have to push forward!" But I absolutely love how it is if you combine the two: "Brave is just acting in faith when we know we don't want to face it, but we know we have no other option, we just have to push forward!"

I feel like that is so true... Especially for me in my life.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Year of Firsts

This year I didn't really make any New Years resolutions. But I was thinking the other day that I kinda wish I had, so I decided I will now. But Its not really resolutions I want to make. i want to make this year a year of firsts. Whatever that is, I want to experience new things, add a little spice to life! Right now I am trying to save money to go to California for the first time and see the ocean for the first time. I've wanted to go to Cali for years but it just has never happened, this year I am determined to make it work. So who wants to road trip with me? Im think mid July.... 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

I really want to get back into blogging, more for my sake then anyone elses because Im pretty sure no one even reads my random ramblings, especially since I tend to go into way too much detail, but again thats for my own sake because I have the worst memory ever!

But I have been thinking of things I can do to get back into blogging even if its something Little and I think I want to start doing reviews, so on Friday I want to do "Favorite Things Friday"

So today first post is about one of my favorite makeup items! I love E.L.F make up. Its so inexpensive, easy to use and it looks great.

One of my favorite things by them is their Makeup Remover Pen. This thing is A-MAZING! I love it, its great to keep in your purse to take care of smudges that happen through out the day. Best part? Its only $3.00 at Target.

I use it almost everyday to fix eyeliner, remove mascara smudges, etc. And right now its on sale on for half off on E.L.F's website, all of their best sellers are right now when you use the code LOVEIT! Go order one now or pick one up next time you are at Target!