Monday, April 25, 2011

I'll Be The Greatest Fan Of Your Life- Edwin McCain concert

So there was this concert on that if you weren't there you truly missed on something amazing and well.... EPIC! And for those of you who did, I know you'll agree with me when I say, If you have not seen Edwin McCain live before well, then you need to! He is seriously one of the best performers I have ever seen. Truly an American classic. You should all add seeing him in concert to your bucket list. Just to see him sing "I'll Be"  was worth the hour drive. And if you're sitting here wondering who he is. Watch the videos I have posted that I took. Guaranteed you have heard his music before."I'll Be"(It was a huge hit for him back in '98) has been in numerous tv shows and movies. "I Could Not Ask For More" (another big hit back in 2000) was on the movie Message In A Bottle. It was also redone by country singer Sara  Evans. I can't even put into enough words how fantastic he was. Ive always liked his music a ton. "I'll Be" has always been one of my top 5 favorite songs, but after seeing him perform live I am now ten times the fan that I was before! I could go on forever about how much I loved his performance but Ill just let his music videos prove to you how great he was rather than me rambling on relentlessly. (In the I'll Be video, go to 5:26 into it and thats my favorite part of the whole night)

The other performance at this concert were just as great. There was Ryan Innes a local here in Utah who I have a feeling is going to hit it big one day. He has an incredible voice and is so talented. I added his cd to the playlist at work first Saturday morning when I got there. I can't get enough of his song Call To Arms. In fact Im listening to it right now as I write this.I found this article that gives a bit of a background on him. Im wanting to do interviews on my blog (which is why I started it in the first place) And im hoping Ill be able to be lucky enough to interview him for it! So watch for it, Ill let you know if I can make it happen.

Local country band Jagertown performed next. Love them. They have such great energy and there songs are great. There someone else you can expect to see burning up the charts one day. They're so nice to. Both times Ive met them they have all been super friendly. I also saw them when they opened up for Neal McCoy a couple weeks ago. Here is an article I found on them for you. They're definitely a band you should check out in your spare time!

Sarah Darling was next. She was incredible. Such a beautiful, pure voice and such a sweet girl too! She just did an accoustic set. I loved it. Her song Something To Do With Your Hands is climbing charts. I also added her music to the playlist at work on saturday. Expect to see great things from this girl.

Tyler Hilton, honestly the real reason I went to this concert. I am a HUGE Tyler Hilton fan, and if you don't know his music, don't worry, you soon will and you'll be a fan. If you mock him you'll soon be eating your words once you actually listen to his music, just ask Devan. I made him a fan. It seriously amazes me that Tyler isnt more popular than he is. He is so much more talented than half the people on the radio. And he is the nicest guy. I didnt get to talk to him this concert but I did back in October when he was. Well kinda. I sorta had a hard time spitting any words about him. But even with as much as I love Tyler Hilton, I think he may, just may, have lost my heart to Edwin McCain as a performer! Both are so incredible tho that its kinda hard to choose!

(Videos are taking forever to upload onto youtube so i can put them on here so Ill update and post them as soon as they're all ready)

Thursday, April 21, 2011


So I have to have a MRI on Tuesday. Its basically to see how much and where the tumor has grown. Im not looking forward to this. Im used to them. But I still hate them . A LOT! Its going to be a long one 4 maybe 5 hours. I can never sleep in them either so I just get to lay in there and listen to the pounding noise the machine makes. Yuck.

So for those of you who don't know and are wondering why exactly Im having this done, I have whats called Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (I can't explain it very well so I took this description from the MayoClinics website "Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that disrupts cell growth in your nervous system, causing tumors to form on nerve tissue. These tumors can occur anywhere in the nervous system, including in your brain, spinal cord, and large and small nerves. Neurofibromatosis is typically diagnosed in childhood or early adulthood. The tumors are usually noncancerous (benign) and the disorder is usually mild. But effects of neurofibromatosis can range from hearing loss and learning impairment to cardiovascular complications and, in a few cases, cancer.")
Its something I was born with this. But I didn't start developing tumors until I was around 6. I used to get these horrible migraines that I remember I'd be fine one minute and passed out the next because they'd hit so fast! They did brain scans but never found anything. I used to always get ear infections so I had to have tubes put in my ears, thats how they found the tumor.

There's never been anything they can do for my tumors. In a lot of cases they can try chemo and other treatments but in my case they'd just grow. If they removed them they'd grow back ten times the size, or since the tumors grow off nerve endings if they cut too much and I'd be paralyzed or seizure on the operating table. I also can't have any surgeries ever since the tumor is completely wrapped around my airway pushing it to the right. It is also in my jaw, chin, tongue, cranial nerves, voice box, right lung, choroted arteries, wrapped around my spinal chord, in my neck, my rib cage and the list goes on!

I haven't had an MRI in a few years so we are going to see where the tumor has expanded to.

I was a lot sicker when I was younger than I was now, at one point I was hooked up to all sorts of machines,((I had a Gtube in my stomach, basically a feeding tube, a central line I was hooked up to constantly) in a wheel chair and was given 6 months to live. Well I proved them. Still do.

Day nine: any photo you like for any reason

So Im really behind on the photo a day thing! I havent posted one in over a month! Ooops! So Ill just pick up where I left off! so like always I couldnt pick just one.  So I picked two.They're both of my cute niece. she's not even 2 in either of these. She is SO big now compared to these! She just turned 5! She'll be going to kindergarten in the fall! Even though she's just a little kid she's one of my favorite people in the entire world!

She did this to her self! There was probably 10 bows of all different sizes in her hair!

Neal McCoy (videos to come soon!)

Yup another concert blog.... What can I say? Its my favorite thing in the world to do. So I love country music. I especially love country music from the 90's, Neal McCoy has always been one of my favorites! Ive always missed his shows when he came in concert before. So when I heard he was going to be coming again I was going to miss this one for anything!

It took a lot of convincing to find someone to go with me, everyone seemed to have something on this night. I finally asked my friend Matt who was able to go.  It was so worth it (for me at least) The tickets I bought came with meet n greets, I was so excited to get to meet him. He was such a nice guy!

Jagertown open for him, they were really good! Im pretty sure they were local, They are opening at another concert Im going go go to tomorrow! Im excited to see them again.

Neal McCoy was so good! He is absolutely an amazing performer is so freakin funny! I seriously can't wait until he comes to Salt Lake again for another concert! He is another concert I definitely recommend going to! He sang all of his big hits, did a few covers, and then when he introduced his band he did more than just tell you who they were he let each of them play and sing a song and showcase their talent for everyone to see. I thought was really cool, not many artists make that big a deal about their band, so it was way cool that he did more than just name them! Im so happy I finally got to see Neal McCoy in concert! You all better be coming with me next time!

George and Reba

Im so behind on blogging! So were going to see how much catching up I can get done today! So here it goes!

Before the concert! These girls were so much fun to go with! Thanks Linds for puttin it together!

On April 2nd I was able to go to the George and Reba concert! It was absolutely AMAZING I could watch either of them sing for hours and hours!

Lee Ann Womack opened up the concert. I love her, she has been one of my favorites for a long, long time. She was so good! Im so bummed that I accidentally deleted the two videos I had of her singing "I Hope You Dance." and "I'll Think Of A Reason Later." She later came on stage and sang "Does He Love You?" With Reba. It was awesome!

Reba was next. She is such an awesome performer! So so SO awesome! I loved her. She sang for a good two and a half hours.She has so many hits that she didn't even get to them all! For those of you who watched Reba's tv show and know who Melissa Peterman is, She came on stage and did about a 10 minute skit with Reba that was absolutley hilarious!Check out the video of it at the bottom of the page!  Reba came out for an encore performance driving a big yellow taxi and sang her big hit Fancy. She has such great energy and puts so much into all her songs!

And then it was time for George. King George. How can you not love him? He is so fantastic! He was up on stage for about almost hours it seemed singing hit after hit after hit. He then came out and did a super long encore during which Me and Lindsey decided to see how close we could move up(we were down on the floor row 14) we got right up to the stage and at the end he went around shaking hands with the people around the stage. Yup that right i shook George Straits hand. SO.FREAKIN.AWESOME.

This was by far one of my all time favorite concerts ever (and if you know me you know I go to ALOT of concerts). If you ever get a chance to see any of these fantastic performers I highly recommend that you take that opportunity and go! You won't ever regret it!(The video below is of this guy who was dancing to Reba the whole time, we were cracking up! He was up! I missed all of his best moves tho!)