Thursday, November 18, 2010

Danny Gokey July 28 2010, Josh Turner Aug 5 2010

So to this concert I won 4 passes so I took my friends Jackie, Nikki and Andrea. Danny Gokey isnt exactly one of my favorites, but he really was an amazing performer. He had a local female duo open for him ( I cant remember thier name). They were decent. It was at the Rail Center downtown, definitely a great place for concerts! I really dont have a lot to say about this concert so Ill just add some pics now. . . . O we did get to meet him, he was way nice, but we didnt get to talk to him like pretty much at all, security was way strict! Most these pics didnt turn out to great so i apologize ahead of time for that!

Andrea, Nikki and I before the Concert!

Danny Gokey

Me with Danny Gokey

Josh Turner was aboslutely 100% AMAZING!!!!! I love his music SO much and he is also the nicest guy ever!
My friend Heather and I went to this one, (she won the tickets WITH backstage passes, I had won Luke Bryan tickets for the same night, it was a hard decision but we chose to go with the Josh Turner concert since she had the backstage passes! It was the right choice! I would go to his concert again in a heart beat!
He sounds exactly the same live as on his cds, plus i love that he takes his family on tour with him and his wife is in the band!
It was at the Ed Kenley theater in Layton (right across from the high school) basically this is a teeny tiny version of usana, there wasnt a bad seat there!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Country Throwdown June 12 2010

This concert was AMAZING! I loved it! Even with the pouring rain and freezing cold it was so fun! My friend Jared came with and hopefully he enjoyed it too! I LOVE country music and this was an all day concert with about 15 srtist playing through out the day, it's basically the country version of Warp Tour. It started at 1:00 and went until about 11. So some of these pictures got really rearranged and it wouldnt let me move them, so sorry its in random orders, I hope I got the captions right.

These 1 were the first two who sang, They were under the Bluebird Cafe tent.
I dont really remeber anything he sang or either of their names, but she was amazing
and only 14 or 15!
The bluebird cafe tent was where the really new artist sang, ones who's songs hadnt been on the radio yet, but a lot had hit songs they had written but were song by other people Like Josh Turner and Josh Gracin and a few others.

Emily West was next on the stage next to this one, I love her music (Rocks in Your Shoes, Blue Skys)

Brad Tursi, He used to be the lead guitar player for Josh Gracin, I think he even wrote one of Josh's hit songs.

Troy Olson- Hes written songs for Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton. His first song just hit radios a month or so ago called Summer Things. He is a way good singer and was super nice to!

Little Big Town has a song called Little White Church, It was there single at the time so at every concert they had someone get married (seriously) The guy marrying them is Mike Winder, hes the Mayor of West Valley, he is also the author of presidents and prophets.

Ashley Ray, We missed her singing on the bluebird stage but she later sang on the main stage in between the main openers. Shes so nice I love her music!

This is Jared and I with Jack Ingram. He was actually a lot nicer than I had expected him to be, I had seen him in concert before when he opened for Martina McBride and really didnt like him after (not his music, I love his music, but him) he had just seemed really full of himself and kinda creepy but he was a lot different this concert and was actually way nice.

this is Walker Hayes, his first song is currently on the radio. its called Pants, Its weird, but all his other songs are really good! :)
This one and the One below are Heidi Newfield! I love her music she is so good! and was also way nice when we met her!!!
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Jared and I with Sarah Buxton and Jedd Hughes, they just joined together as Buxton-Hughes. I dont know anything about him, but her music is great (She wrote stupid boy for Keith Urban) Her current single is Outside My Window whioch is anoter of my favorite songs

Little Big Town- LOVE them! Second time ive seen them. Theyre so good! I cant wait for them to come back!

 Eric Church he was good, kinda strange (hes really passionate about his music or something and kept hitting himself in the chest during his songs)

Heather Morgan- I cant remember who she has written songs for but she was really talented and way sweet when we met her. (While on stage tho, there was cotton flying around and since it was so cold out that day she thought it was snowing.)

This is Jonathan Singleton and the Grove I LOVE them! There song called Look Whos Back In Love is one of my favorites! He (Jonathan) also wrote Why Dont We Just Dance which was a number 1 single Josh Turner. Ill have to find the video I took of them singing that song
This picture i really only added to show how hard it was raining, Its the lost trailers singing right now. After meeting them I dont like them. The lead singer said theyd be doing a signning because he said his grandma always told he should get out and  meet the little people. He didnt even come over to do the signing, he sent pre autographed pictures with his drummer and guitar player, When we asked if we could get a picture with them one ( I think he was the guitart player said of course but the drummer put his arm out and stopped him from moving said "No we dont that." Dead serious! haha so i dont like them now!

A summer of winning!!!

So this summer I was able to win tickets to all sorts of things. I won 2 tickets to The Country Throwdown concert, 4 tickets to the rodeo, 4 Danny Gokey tickets, a $25 gift card to Archibalds out at Gardner Village, 2 Gary Allan tickets (Iactually won 2 sets twice), 2 Luke Bryan tickets, 4 ticketes to the premiere of Eclipse, 4 Bomshell tickets, and 2 tickets to Mark Chestnut.

I was pretty lucky to be able to win all those especially because there is no way I ever could have afforded it! At a lot of the concert I was also able to meet a lot of the artist and that was a lot of fun!

I will make a post about each concert with pictures as soon as i figure out the picture part!

Monday, November 8, 2010

1st blog

I decided to start a blog! We'll see how this goes! I started one before and updated it once, I dont even remember how to access it anymore! Hopefully I can get the hang of it this time and keep this one up!